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Mount Desert Island, Maine   
by Ron Cloer

Most people who visit Mount Desert Island think of Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor but there are several other small towns that are on the outside edges of the island.  Southwest Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Somes Harbor, Bass Harbor, Seal Harbor are among those small towns that often get overlooked.  But a trip to these Harbors shows idyllic bays and harbors dotted with lobster boats, evergreens in wild abundance, and mountains backdrops.  Since you won't find any hotels or motels, try Vacation Home Rentals

Southwest Harbor with piers that jut out here and there intermingled with lobster boats and pleasure crafts is gorgeous.  Beyond the views you can also pickup a nice lunch or snack while youíre there.  The Maine Pizza and Sub Shop is a reasonably priced little place with delicious food thatís well worth the price.

Seal Harbor has a tiny beach, (rare in Maine) lobster boats, sail boats, and a quaint little island grown over with evergreens.  Itís one of those places that makes you stop and soak in the beauty.  A digital camera will be priceless on your trip to Maine. 

Somes Harbor has a wonderful white arched bridge and a library with spectacular views. (They have books too)  When the tourist rush gets overwhelming in Bar Harbor, retreat to this little library to regain your perspective.  Since the water is so shallow, the tides have a huge impact on the water level.  This is a good teaching moment if you have kids, because they can easily see the tide coming in and out.

The only lighthouse on Mount Dessert Island is the Bass Harbor Light.  Behind the Portland Head Light this is probably the 2nd most photographed lighthouse.  Itís not a huge lighthouse but it is perched on some of Maineís most beautiful and very rocky real estate.  Envision a white lighthouse surrounded on 3 sides with dark green pines and on the other, pale orange rocky outcroppings and a vivid blue ocean.  If itís wet please be very careful walking down the steps to get your picture, they will be slick.


What Iím trying to relay is that the entire island is worth exploring.  The tourist attractions and stores are great but for a better-rounded trip, see the whole island.  

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