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Moosehead Lake, Maine   
by Ron Cloer

After a long tedious decision, we decided to go to Moosehead Lake in Maine.  Itís about 2 to 2.5 hours northwest of Bangor, Maine and a relatively easy trip.  As you top the last hill (Indian Hill) before Greenville, Maine you have a panoramic view of Moosehead Lake.  A typical response is ďWowĒ.  Envision wooded hills with a large lake nestled in between them, spotted with small islands.   It is a largely unspoiled area with vast green expanses and phenomenal natural beauty.  This is probably why itís said that Moose outnumber people 3 to 1.   

Our original thought was to make Moosehead Lake our ďbase campĒ for our ultimate goal of hiking Mount Katahdin.  In case you are thinking the same thingÖdonít.  What looks like short trip from Moosehead to Baxter State Park (and Katahdin) is actually a 2 plus hour trip.  The problem isnít apparent at first, but as you head Northeast past Lily Bay State Park something happens.  The 2 lane paved road disappears in favor of a gravel logging road at Kokadjo, Maine. 

You might think, a logging road isnít that bad.  Well, ponder this my little adventurous buddy, while I was there a logging truck (semi) was pulled to the side of the road.  Why?  Because one of his axles was laying about 100 yards behind the truck!  You can make the trip but itís certainly not a highway.

In my early morning drive from our cabin on Moosehead to Kokadjo, I saw 3 moose, a wild turkey, chipmunks, and a variety of birds. 

So if wildlife is your primary reason, you will see plenty around Moosehead Lake.  Be aware that the Moose come out of the woods in early June, driven out by black flies and mosquitoes.  The black flies and mosquitoes donít know the difference between a moose and you so be prepared if you journey there in early June. 

There are a few good hikes in the area such as the one up Mount Kineo.  Itís only about 2.2 miles up to the top of the summit and you can enjoy a great view of Moosehead Lake.  Mount Kineo has a sheer face that plunges around 800 feet to the lake.  The best way to get there is to take the shuttle from Rockwood.  Moxie Falls is another hike that is fairly easy and what a view.  Itís well worth the 1 mile trip to the falls.

There are all types of inns, hotels, cabins and bed & breakfast places around Moosehead Lake.  I had a terrible experience with an old cabin in the area so go prepared.  My advice is to find a newer cabin or rental not something old and broken down. 

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