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Fishing in Maine

When some people go into the wilds of Maine they immediately think about getting a line wet.  Sitting in a boat or on a bank talking to friends and dreaming about catching the "big one".  The great thing about fishing in Maine is that even if you don't catch the fish of your angler's dream you can enjoy the unspoiled splendor of a secluded lake.  But the possibility of catching a monster fish in Maine is a very real possibility.  Take a look at Ronald Moody's striped bass picture from Reed State Park. 


Ronald is an expert fisherman who specializes in fishing in Maine.  Check out his website at 

If you are planning to fish during your vacation to Maine you need to get a fishing license.  It can be obtained online at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife,  As a non-resident, the costs are listed below

7-Day Fishing  $36.00
3-Day Fishing  $23.00
1-Day Fishing   $11.00

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